Book of YaKol

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The Book of YaKol 

Historically, the United States government has been faced with specific choices regarding the fate of Africans in America - beginning with our enslavement, but also continuing after the official abolition of slavery. There has been a pattern of malign neglect: failure to live up to the promise of Reconstruction, acquiescence to the system of Jim Crow, and an all too tepid commitment to post-World War II social welfare programs. The new form of black codes, Willie Lynch, was socially engineered to de-stabilized the African American family structure for economic exploitation and extortion, (including those associated with the so-called "war on poverty").  1860 - 72% OF OUR CHILDREN WERE IN SINGLE PARENT HOMES. 2012 72% OF OUR CHILDREN ARE IN SINGLE PARENT HOMES. WHAT HAPPEN? WILLIE LYNCH
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  • The Willie Lynch Letter Decoded

    ​“Let us make a slave. What do we need? First of all we need a negro 
    man, a pregnant negro woman and her baby negro boy. ” (Willie Lynch) YaKol reveals the social engineering of modern day slaves via the Welfare state enacted in the 1930s (AFDC) to divide, control and profit from the division of the African-American family structure. "We still suffer from slavery... slavery has never been abolished, just transformed." J.H. Clark. YaKol shatters the Willie Lynch code (New form of black codes). Guaranteed to jolt your understanding of mind control and social engineering.

  • African-Americans - A dying race

    African-Americans - A dying Race. 10% (free) and declining. (Dying is to disappear gradually  and continue existence against hopeless odds). In a one hundred year period, the African population of Buenos Aires declined from nearly 30% to virtually  zero. Read about the same scheme of genocide African-Americans are facing today and find out what role the Church plays. What's Really Going On? A must read for African-Americans, people, we need Cultural Privacy


    For our Ancient African Ancestors, there exists another God higher than the one who created the world and our bodies. The creator god is not the only god. There is above him another God, infinitely superior and perfect. This God, unknowable to man, is outside of this hellish and impure creation. It is impossible for man to find this God via his body and soul, imperfect and created as they are.

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Book of YaKol 

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